Domestic disorder (2012)

2-ch video installation with surround sound
06:15 min

Domestic disorder speaks of sensuous knowledge. How are our bodily responses connected to the process of perception and memory? How do we experience spatiality and corporeality? This installation emphasizes the sensation that is based on touch as part of the process of consciousness. Through touching the mother and the child are connected to each others as well as to the time. The gaze and the touch of the child links the present moment to mother’s early loss of her own mother. The thought for the future is presented in the end of the video: where are we when we are gone?
The video installation is the first part of Marika Orenius’s artistic research at Aalto University.

Screenplay, camera, editing, performer: woman MARIKA ORENIUS
Sound design JOHANNA STORM,
Camera, installing JESPER TOSS
Music: keyboards TIMO MUURINEN, saxophone MIKA KARHUNEN
Financial support: AVEK / HEIDI TIKKA

The video can be seen here: