Short Cut (2014)

Performance with Go Pro camera, the audio and the audience.

 A Short Cut (A bystander in a leading role) performance was designed for “Perhonen sentään” event in Pori, Finland, May 2014.
The participant was blindfolded during the performance. In order to open all the senses before starting to move in the room, she/he had to listen a descriptive text extract from Albert Camus’s novel L’Etranger (1942). After the listening, the assistant took the participant around in the building. There were spacial installation works around as well as visitors of the whole event in the building. The participant had to get through different parts of the installations. Moving around was video recorded by the camera that was around the neck of the participant. Afterwards, the recorded video material was viewed and discussed with the participant.

The meaning of the performance was to create a film scene that takes place on your mind while the physical world is not seen.

Performance assistance: Raisa Foster
Photos: Eetu Henttonen, Niilo Rinne