Therefore it is (has been) here (2013)

Video installation with the programmed lightning for the exhibition space.
05:30 min

Stray dogs, wild cats, free cows, wandering people, leisure travellers… “Where am I mentally when I travel, and where am I going?” the artist wonders in tropical night. The back of a red-brown dog flashes in passing car lights. A motorcycle scares a light-colored stray dog on the roadside. The dog’s introverted gaze sharpens when the road is empty again. For a moment, the artist watches the eyes, which at the same time look at her and invite to infinity. The dog turns, beautiful steps accelerate to running and it goes on running in the middle of a narrow village road. “Who or what the other is, I never know.” – Luce Irigaray


The video can be seen here: