3-channel video installation, 09:38 min

Parousia is a video installation with three projections in the space.
Many universes meet in this video installation – people are travelling, working, moving. As they move from place to place, the one becomes the other. Some children are playing, others just hang around. For a moment both the camera’s movement and the people stop. Click! The moment is recorded on camera. At the same time, others are overworked as their days pass through physical labour. These transitory moments are experienced by the person with the camera – the moving camera becomes an experiencer, a moving subject, which the viewer can identify with at certain moments.

Crew: Jesper Toss (Cinematographer), Marika Orenius (Cinematographer), Marika Orenius (Director), Mikko Mällinen (Editor), Marika Orenius (Editor), Artur Orenius Toss (Actor), Joyce Inkunga (Actor), AVEK – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture / – (Funder), Marika Orenius (Script), Marika Orenius (Author), Pinja Mustajoki (Sound Design)


2-ch video installation with surround sound, 06:15 min

Domestic Disorder is a video installation with two projections and surround sound.
The video installation speaks of sensuous knowledge. How are our bodily responses connected to the process of perception and memory? How do we experience spatiality and corporeality? This installation emphasizes the sensation that is based on touch as part of the process of consciousness.
Through touching a mother and a child in the video are connected to each others as well as to the time. The gaze and the touch of the child links the present moment to mother’s early loss of her own mother. The thought for the future is presented in the end of the video: where are we when we are gone?

Crew: Jesper Toss (Cinematographer), Mika Karhu (Composer), TImo Muurinen (Composer), Marika Orenius (Editor), Marika Orenius (Cinematographer), AVEK – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture / Heidi Tikka (Funder), Arthur Orenius (Performer), Marika Orenius (Performer), Freia Halinen (Performer), Johanna Storm (Sound), Marika Orenius (Script), Marika Orenius (Author)


Video installation with programmed lightning, 07:20 min

Therefore it is here is a video installation with the programmed lightning in the exhibition space.
This installation is an artistic study that lets a viewer wander in different spheres of time and space. The video installation offers an experience of “now-moment” in the space.
Even the text and the image impose different times and spaces, the spoken word emphasizes the process of working with the artwork.
The white coloured parts in the video mean very bright light moments in the exhibition space. When the programmed lamps switch on, they wipe away the projected video image.

Crew: Jesper Toss (Cinematographer), Marika Orenius (Cinematographer), Reijo Kupiainen (Drumming), Marika Orenius (Director), Marika Orenius (Editor), AVEK – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture / – (Funder), Pinja Mäki (Sound), Liisa Kantanen (Speaker), Marika Orenius (Script), Marika Orenius (Author), Gregoire Rousseau (Programming)