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”Gaps in artistic agency and in artistic education”
Conference: 5EPRAE - 5th Encounter on Practices of Research in Arts Education
9-10 February 2017, Faculty of Fine Arts University of Porto, Portugal

Exhibition: Art Fair Suomi 2017
25-28 May 2017, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

Exhibition: Totuus Suomesta / The Truth About Finland
Helsinki Kallio Kunsthalle 2.-23.6.2017, Pori 8.-16.7.2017, Publication

CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS / OPEN LECTURES: (during Doctoral Studies September 2011- )

Presentation: ”Gaps alienates and creates spaces”
Conference: 4th
Arts-based Research & Artistic Research
June 28-30 2016, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

Presentation: "Research in the arts: Gaps and simultaneous spaces"
Conference: Mind the Gap 2015: The Artist in Culture Studies
2 - 3 November 2015, Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon

Presentation: "About sensorial, memory and heterotopical experiences - in artistic research"
Symposium: Crossing Context: interventions through artistic research - Nordic Summer University/Winter Symposium
26-29 March 2015, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn, Estonia

Everyday activism - about sensorial in artistic working, teaching and researching art”

Symposium TO BE, TO RESEARCH, TO ACT - A Symposium On Artistic Development in the higher education of art students
9 October 2014, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, KUVA/TILA, Helsinki, Finland

Everyday activism - about sensorial in artistic working, teaching and researching art”

6 October 2014, Sverigefinska folkhögskolan, Haparanda, Sweden

The light into eternity - experience is here and now” at Summer School MOVEMENTS in HUMAN-CENTEREDNESS
The doctoral schools of the Estonian Academy of Arts and Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
15-17 June 2014, Esna, Estonia

Art pedagogy by experiencing and by exploring - Artist as Teacher"
11 November 2013, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland

Att vara mellan - kroppslig respons och rumsliga upplevelser bearbetas till konstverk”
26 January 2013, Sverigefinska folkhögskolan, Haparanda, Sweden

Presentation: "Artist talks"
Seminar Medicine in Art: Illness as Creative Inquiry

22-23 March 2012, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architectur, Helsinki, Finland





2011-         Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Doctoral programme
2011-2013 Art University Pedagogy studies, Helsinki, Finland
2006-2007 Gothenburg University, Pedagogy studies in Higher Art Education, Sweden
2001-2002 Valand School of Fine Arts, New Media Studies, Gothenburg University, Sweden
1999-2001 Academy of Fine arts, Vasari, Art Theory and Writing on Art, Helsinki, Finland
1997-1999 Academy of Fine Arts, Time and Space Department (MA), Helsinki, Finland
1995-1997 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France
1993-1997 Academy of Fine Arts, Time and Space Department (BA), Helsinki, Finland
1992-1993 The School of Art and Communications, Turku, Finland

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Gallery Lapinlahti, Parousia and What are you looking at video installations, Helsinki, Finland
2016 Gallery Bokvillan, Drawings, Helsinki, Finland
2013 Mediaboxi/Forum Box, Therefore it is (has been) here, video installation, Helsinki, curator Nina Toppila
2012 Poriginal gallery, Therefore it is here, video installation and photos, Pori, Finland
2012 Taidesalonki/Konstsalongen, Touch is the variation of the gaze, Helsinki, Finland
2010 Gallery Konstepidemin, I see I am seen, video installation, photos and drawings, Gothenburg, Sweden
2009 Candyland, Heavenly bodies 2-channel video, photos and drawings in light boxes, Stockholm, Sweden, curator Mattias Larson
2007 Gallery 21, Choice, video installations, prints, light boxes, Malmö, Sweden, curator Göran Green
2005 Gothenburg Art Museum - Stenasalen, Paths 2-channel video, photos and badges, Sweden, curator Lena Boëthius
2003 Helsinki Kunsthalle - Studio, Hidden video installation and photos, Finland
2001 Paletten Gallery, Posture video installation and photos, Gothenburg, Sweden, curator Agneta Bäckström
2001 Gallery Sculptor, Posture video installation and photos, Helsinki, Finland
1998 Gallery Klobben, Circle video installation, Helsinki, Finland
1998 Push Firma Beige gallery, photos with Marja Pursiainen, video, Helsinki, Finland, curator Minna Heikinaho
1997 Gallery of Kluuvi, Videobar with Hanne Ivars, Video projections and monitors, Helsinki, Finland
1995 Gallery Gauche, Territory photos and sound installation, Paris, France
1995 MUU gallery, Whore Academy, installation with Hanne Ivars, Helsinki, Finland

Group Exhibitions

2014 Performance Voyage 4, Talking about… , Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania ,Muu gallery, Helsinki, curators Taina Erävaara, Leena Kela ja Timo Soppela
2011 Salong, Centrum för fotografi, photo, Stockholm, Sweden
2011 No Tricks, MUU gallery, photos and drawings, Helsinki, curators Hanne Ivars, Varpu Lukka, Timo Soppela ja Outi Sunila
2011 Suomi Art Fair, Cable Factory, photos, Helsinki
2011 HelsinkiArt Fair, Messukeskus, photos and drawings, Helsinki
2009 Borås Art Museum, Four Finnish video artists, Heavenly bodies, Sweden, curator Petra Johansson
2008 Intrude, Art&Life, TOP PERFORMANCE video, Shanghai, China, curator Biljana Ciric
2008 Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, ARC-EN-CIEL video installation, Norway, curator Göran Green
2007 Can Felipa, ARC-EN-CIEL video installation and light boxes, Barcelona, Spain
2007 Art Fair Suomi, light boxes, Muu Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2007 Turku Biennial, ARC-EN-CIEL video installation and light boxes, Finland
2006 6th Seoul New Media Festival, Paths video, Korea
2006 Basel Contemporary Art Museum, 25th VIPER, Paths 2-channel video, Switzerland
2006 MUUcafé, ART FAIR SUOMI 2006, Paths, Helsinki, Finland
2005 Helsinki Kunsthalle, Muu ry 18 v., Feeling of Unreality, 2-channel video with Jesper Toss, Finland, curators Riikka Ala-Harja, Maria Duncker, Minna Heikinaho, Kari Yli-Annala
2004 Kantri&Urbaani, Birds video installation and images, Lappeenranta, Finland, curator Antonio Altarriba
2003 Gothenburg Art Museum Nordic Live Art, Hidden video, Sweden, curators Stefan Karlsson, Roger Sarjanen
2003 Kunsthalle Lophem, Inside Outliners, Posture and Hidden Video, Belgium
2003 women2003, Billboard, Menschliches, Allzumenschliches, Copenhagen, Denmark, curator Hanne Lise Thomsen
2003 ID:I Galleri, Hidden video, Stockholm, Sweden, curators Stefan Karlsson, Roger Sarjanen
2002 Gallery Charlotte Lund, Cinema Paradiso, Posture video, Stockholm, Sweden, curator Marianne Zamecznik
2002 The Museum of Salo, Looking for Whom? Posture Video, Finland, curator Taru Elfving
2002 Helsinki City Museum, Rohto, Desire video, Finland, curator Markus Renvall
1999 Museum of Tallinn, Backdoor Media, Desire video, Estonia
1998 Kulturhuset, ARTGENDA, Desire video installation, Stockholm, Sweden
1998 The Museum of Montlucon, Photos with Marja Pursiainen, France
1997 The Museum of Photography, MAP, Video Installation, Finland
1995 Arthall,YOUNG CONTEMPORARIES, Video, Helsinki, Finland
1995 Gallery G, Graphic Group Exhibition, Helsinki, Finland


Festivals / Screenings

2014-2015 Talking about… performance in Performance Voyage 4:
LILITH PERFORMANCE STUDIO Malmö, Sweden; FOLKETS BIO, Umeå, Sweden; NOT FESTIVAL, Copenhagen, Denmark;
TAL ART SPACE, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil; SES VOLTES, Mallorca, Spain; Art-Athina – Art Fair, Athens, Greece;
International Art Festival Interakcje, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland; La Neomudejar, Madrid, Spain; NEW PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL,
Turku; HANGAR, Barcelona, Spain; EDINBURGH SCULPTURE WORKSHOP, Edinburgh, Scotland
2014 Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen,
Therefore it is (has been) here, Germany
2014 AAVE festival,
Therefore it is (has been) here, NEW NORDIC MEDIA ART: Ghost Lights, Helsinki, curators Kari Yli-Annala & Ivan Punzo
2014 International Film Festival Rotterdam,
Therefore it is (has been) here, Netherland
2012 AV-arkki, Töissä ja kotona –video compilation,
Top Performance, Helsinki, Finaland
2009 16 swedish videoartists,,
ARC-EN-CIEL Teatro, Damascus, Syria
2009 100 Swedish minutes, ARC-EN-CIEL video, Pavilion Unicredit, Bucharest, Romania, curator Catrin Lundqvist
2009 Suokissa, TOP PERFORMANCE video, Helsinki, Finland, curators Pia Euro, Tanja Koponen
2007 The Mobile Box, TOP PERFORMANCE video, Gothenburg, Sweden, curator Mari Lagerquist
2007 12th Rencontres Paris /Berlin, Paths 2-channel video, Madrid, Spain
2007 LARM festival, Kulturhuset, Paths video, Stockholm, Sweden, curators Maria Bjurestam, Maria Hägglund, Mona Petersson, Liv Strand
2007 VIEW07, Paths video, Helsinki, Finland
2006 11th Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin, Paths video, Paris, France
2006 Kettupäivät, Paths video, Helsinki, Finland
2006 FLOW / TRUCK and CSIF, Paths video, Calgary, Canada
2005 Transat Video, Birds video, Garsouille, France
2005 Atalante, Birds video, Gothenburg, Sweden
2005 Mölnlycke Filmstudio, Hidden and Posture videos, Mölnlycke, Sweden, curator Agneta Bäckström
2005 VIEW05, Birds video, Helsinki, Finland
2004 Moderna by Night, Hidden video, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden, curator Catrin Lundqvist
2004 Mediawave International Film Festival, Hidden video, Györ, Hungary
2004 Oberhaus Short Film Festival, International Competition, Hidden video, Germany, curator Reinhard W. Wolf
2003 Dieselverkstan, Presentation and screening, works 1995-2003, Sweden, curator Catrin Lundqvist
2003 Tampere International Short Film Festival, Posture video, Finland
2002 Tate Modern, Posture video, London, U.K.
2002 MOV-festival, Posture video, Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden
2002 Site Gallery Sheffield, Posture video, U.K., curator Taru Elfving
2002 Platform Atalante, Posture and Desire videos, Gothenburg, Sweden
2002 Nordens Hus, Posture video, Reykjavik, Iceland
2002 Kino K 13, View festival, Posture video, Helsinki, Finland
2002 Videomedeja, Posture video, Yugoslavia
2001 Kettupäivät, Posture video, Helsinki, Finland
2001 Center for Contemporary Art, Connected?, Desire video, Glasgow, U.K.
2001 New Art Gallery, Connected?, Desire video, Walsall, U.K., curator Taru Elfving
2001 Videometal, Zone video Madrid, Spain
2001 Substitute, Zone video, Lyon, France
2000 StandArt, Nordic Live Art, Zone video, Gothenburg, Sweden
2000 Milano Film Festival, Zone video, Italy
2000 MuuCafé, Zone video, Helsinki, Finland
2000 Video Garden, Zone video, Helsinki, Finland
2000 Les Rencontres Videos, Zone video, Annecy, France
2000 Kino K 13, Zone video, Helsinki, Finland
2000 Kino Engel, Zone video, Helsinki, Finland
1999 Glasgow Film Theatre, Desire video, U.K.
1998 Kettupäivät, Desire video, Helsinki, Finland
1995 Bandits-Mages, Bourges, France
1994 Mediascape, Artstudents TV production, Helsinki, Finland
1994 Kettupäivät, Helsinki, Finland


2014 Perhonen sentään, Performance with Go-Pro camera, audio and audience, Pori, Finland
2011 Kokeellinen tapahtuma, Performance with Pia Euro, Pori, Finland
2008 AMORPH workshop, Sinebrychoff park, Helsinki, Finland
2001 Brrr festival, Performance med NE+ gruppen, Porto, Portugal, curator Rita Castro Neves
1999 Alagalleria, Performance and video, Helsinki, Finland, curator Riikka Ala-Harja
1998 AMORPH!l, Performance with Pia Euro and Goa Zweygbergk, Helsinki, Finland
1998 Kulturhuset, ARTGENDA, Performance with NE+, Stockholm, Sweden
1997 Living Art Museum, Performance with NE+, Reykjavik, Iceland
1997 Academy of Fine Arts, Performance with NE+, Helsinki, Finland
1997 Academy of Fine Arts, Impermanent, Performance with Noora Koskinen, Finland
1996 Feeling the city, Performance with Hanne Ivars, Helsinki, Finland
1996 Museum of Contemporary Art, Ateneum, Live Installation, Performance, Finland
1995 Cleaning the House workshop of Marina Abramovic, France



2011 "When I didn't know about you yet - Visions of power and body in Marika Orenius's works", text by Martta Heikkilä, Finland
2009 100 Swedish minutes, Pavilion, Bucharest, Romania
2008 Intrude ART (catalogue), Issue 09, Shanghai, China
2008 Taide, Nr 6 (interview by Riiko Sakkinen), Finland
2008 Everybody counts (catalogue), Kunstlaboratorium Vestfossen, Norway
2007 Taide, Nr 3 (art review), Finland
2007 Hetkessä/In the moment (catalogue), Turku Biennial, Finland
2007 LARM (book), Stockholm, Sweden
2005 Muu ry 18 v. (catalogue), Helsinki Kunsthalle, Finland
2003 Women2003 (catalogue), Copenhagen, Denmark
2002 Looking for Whom? The Museum of Salo (catalogue), Finland
1997 MAP (catalogue), Helsinki, Finland

Published writings by Marika Orenius

2015 Synnyt/Origin 1/2015, Special issue: Human centeredness, "Instructions to lose my way: about artistic work and research from up close" (Article)
2015 Ruukku 4 - Process in Artistic Research, "Keinuva käynti ja muutoksen tila" (Article)
2014 Mustekala.info internet publication. “Eksymisohjeita – taiteellisen työn ja tutkimuksen läheltä”. Editor: Anni Venäläinen. (Article)
2014 1/2 –lehti. “Valosta ikuisuuteen - Kokemus on aina tässä ja nyt”. Editor: Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo. (Article)
2014 Tulevan tuntumassa, ”Kuvataiteen pedagogiikkaa kokien ja tutkien”. Book editor. Teija Löytönen. (Article)
2012  Mustekala.info internet publication: ”Esiintyjät tilassa ja minussa - Tino Sehgalin teoksesta” (Art review)
2010  C:Art:Media catalogue ”Clouds of witness” (esse)
2009  C:Art:Media catalogue ”Variables of attraction”, ”How to catch it?”
2002  TAIDE (Art): “Läpileikkaus johonkin” (Art review)
2001  Academy of Fine Arts, Vasari: “Kirjoitusta taaksepäin” (Article: Writing backwards)
2000  NUORI VOIMA (Young Power), “Tekhne: Vapaus, veljeys ja videotaide” (Videoart review: Freedom, fraternity and video art)
2000  KUVA (Image): “Voimmeko antaa tilaa sille, jota emme vielä tunne?” (Art review: Can we give space for that, we don't know yet?)
1999  KUVA (Image): “Kuvia sarjassa” (Interviews with artists: Images in series)
1999  Academy of Fine Arts: catalogue writings in "Polvi-99" MA exhibition

Working experience

2016 Lecturer in Art Pedagogy, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
2011-2016 Lecturer for 1st year students and in different courses, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
2011-2013, 2015 Lecturer in different courses in Pori unit. Aalto university
2010-2011 Lecturer in moving image, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
2007-10 Teacher at MA course C:Art:Media, Valand School of Fine Arts, Sweden
2007 Performance course, Svefi Academy, Haparanda, Sweden
2005-07 Teacher at MA course Context&Media, Valand School of Fine Arts, Sweden
2004 Curator for Valand School of Fine Arts' MA exhibition in Borås Art Museum, Sweden
2003-2009 Curator / Project manager at 300m3 Art Space, Gothenburg, Sweden
2003 Worked as pedagogue in media art, Borås Art Museum, Sweden
2000 Worked as curator / distributor, AV-arkki, Helsinki, Finland
1999 Video works in Tuija Kokkonen's play, Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma Theatre, Finland
1998-2000 Teacher in video, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland, Lahtis's Art Institut, Summer High Schools, Finland
1994-1997 Teacher in art, Annantalo children’s art school, Helsinki, Finland



2011 Sfakiotes Residency, Lefkas, Greece
2009 HIAP, Helsinki, Finland
2005 Méduse, Quebec City, Canada
2001 NIFCA, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden
1999 Pépinières Européennes Pour Jeunes Artistes, Film and Video Worshop, in Glasgow


Presented at

AV-arkki, Helsinki, Finland
MUU ry, Helsinki, Finland
Filmform, Stockholm, Sweden
Groupe Intervention Vidéo, Montreal, Canada









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